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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 3, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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so when someone contacted him online to sell his kidney for $3,000, he made a deal. he traveled to the hue nan province. and i have reported on organ donors before, but never for an ipad. you can imagine that the mother was curious when he pulled out the brand new tablet and he confessed that he went under the knife to acquire it. the police could not find the people who brokered his kidney. but the boy has had serious complications and now he reportedly regrets selling his kidney for a shiny new ipad 2. that is going to do it for me, but "cnn newsroom" continues now but "cnn newsroom" continues now with brooke baldwin. -- captions by vitac -- i want to begin this hour with dramatic developments against john edwards who once had his sights on the white
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house. he is inside of the courthouse in winston salem courthouse. and you can see it in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, but we are expecting john edwards along with the defense attorney to walk in front of a crowd of reporters, and we will bring it to you live as soon as we see it, but i know that my pal, joe johns, has been out there off and on covering the story, and he has literally walked outside of the courtroom. joe, first, talk me through what you have just experienced inside of the courtroom. you saw edwards, himself, in front of the magistrate, and how did he appear and what did he say? did you see his daughter with him as well? >> i didn't see his daughter. and it is funny, you know, i have covered john edwards for a long time, and i have to tell you that it looked like the exact same john ed warwards not hair out of place. i have known his lawyer for a long time and been around town for about 15 years. he looks like he has aged
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immensely and has gray hair, but for some reason john edwards looks like the guy running around the 2008 campaign, and his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf on all six charges. edwards had to answer a few questions from the court, and mostly about setting bail. and it appeared as i walked out of the courtroom to call you, brooke, that the judge was about to impose one sort of unique condition, i think, beyond the things like, we are going to take your passport away for a while and tell you not the leave the country, but there was one unique condition that he imposed and that was that john edwards should stay away from rachel bunny melon who is the philanthropist from virginia who has apparently allegedly or apparently on the record delivered, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars to him, and
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whose name is sort of tied up in this case. she is one of the two donors who gave him money that the justice department now says were campaign contributions, but which the edwards' defense team disputes. and the edwards' defense team essentially is saying that this is money given to him for personal reasons, and those personal reasons being to keep information about his relationship with rielle hunter from public view, so that wife, elizabe elizabeth, who is dying of cancer wouldn't learn of it. so, apparently, edwards is being told to stay away. >> stay away from rachel bunny melon who by the way is 100 years of age and the other donor here, center of all of this fred barron who is now deceased. did we lose joe, guys? that is a yes. okay. hopefully we will get joe back up and he can walk me through
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some of the counts. this is what i know and i have the indictment and i read it today. he was indicted this morning by a grand jury in raleigh, and six counts that joe mentioned and four involving illegal payments and one involving conspiracy and one involving false statements and as a reminder, we are expecting to see john edwards any moment in front of the members of the media who are camped out in front of winston salem, and in the meantime, this whole case that joe alluded to whether he used campaign funds to hide his affair with his mistress and photographer. we are looking at pictures of rielle hunter and this child that ultimately edwards admitted to fathering. talk to me more specifically about the counts. i had mentioned the six counts. what is it that he is facing? tell me more about the defense attorney, because he is a high profile guy. >> yes, very high profile guy,
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greg craig, who was involved in defending president clinton in the impeachment, and actually, i think worked white house counsel for president obama, so he is one of the most high-powered lawyers in washington that you can get. now, as to the counts, the first count is a conspiracy count, and that is, you know, a conspiracy to break the law with regard to campaign finance funds. and then there are a number of counts in there having to do with illegal contributions. and then, there's also a false statements count relating to the government's theory that edwards disclosed or hid or tricked the government by not giving out information about the nature of these campaign contribution, because there are limits as to what you can, as to what you can give a candidate who is running
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for president. i just so you know it appears to me that we are getting pretty close to the moment when john edwards and his lawyer walk out of here, but they may be in there for a minute or two, but he has five lawyers. >> he has five lawyers. joe, if you can, describe the scene? i can only imagine the helicopters above, and the throngs of media covering the spectacle and look at this, live aerial pictures, and look at the cameras. i can't even count them here on television, because it is a massive presence and describe it for me, because you are in the thick of it. >> yeah, a lot of the news media interest in from frankly all over the world. and the other thing that you have to realize is that there are a number of people like myself who actually started out in raleigh, north carolina, today, and then found out after the indictment was handed up that the docket had been set up right here in winston-salem.
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that's about an hour and 40 minutes away in the middle district of north carolina. so, there's some people who actually started the day early, jumped on the road, and drove down here and sort of added to the throng. because, you know, you have to think about this, and why is that? it is because number one, you have a story that has for so long been a tabloid sensation in the united states because of the sort of tawdry and sordid nature of the details, and then you have the political story of really some import because this was a man who ran for president of the united states and was also a united states senator, and then you have a, you know, the legal implications of it is not clear at all that the prosecution has a cut-and-dry case, if you will, to, you know, to send john edwards off to the pokey, because there are a lot of people who say, that this is
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kind of a novel interpretation, and you look at what greg craig said, you know, before he went into court, and he called it an unprecedented prosecution by the united states government. >> joe johns, let me hop in here. stand by for me, because i want to remind all of you as we have been tracking this whole live picture and not there right now, but the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and here we are again, live pictures where we are expecting to hear from the former north carolina senator and former presidential hopeful john edwards so keep your eye on the screen, but let me tell you this, prosecutors have accused edwards of using campaign donations to make payments to his videographer and mistress rielle hunter. edwards has admitted to a affair with her while his wife, e l elizabe elizabeth, battled kearns, bcan at first he denied it, but then
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later he did admit to it. and one of the rare interviews with oprah with rielle hunter. >> does he see her regularly? >> yes. >> does he know that you are doing the interview? >> he didn't think it was a great idea, but he supports me if i feel like in my heart i need to. >> do you love him? >> yes, very much. >> does he still love you? >> you would have to ask him, but of my experience, yes. >> has he ever told you that he loved you? >> yes. it is my experience that he loves me. >> do you trust him? >> very much. >> edwards' attorney says that the money given to edwards to keep his affair a secret by two political backers was a gift and private matter. let me talk the legalities of the case because i want to bring in sunny hostin who is live in new york. sunny a little known statute that serves as the foundation of the case here, and explain to me
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what the harvey statute is? >> well, it is an advisory opinion done by the fec, which is the federal election commission, and in that case, it was a june 2000 advisory opinion, and interestingly enough, the founder of adam and eve the sex product company, his name is philip harvey, and he wanted to give $10,000 to federal candidates. and so he asked for guidance, advice from the fec, and the fec said actually, you can give some personal gifts if the you would have given them, if the person wasn't a federal candidate. another thing that they said was that it allows for gifts of a personal nature, but only if they are customary, and only if you have given them to this person all of the time. so that the government is saying, well, this is very different from what happened here with john edwards and would bunny melon have given him over $700,000 had he not been running for the presidency? and so that really is the ground
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that the government is standing on. the reason that the defense i think is saying that this is unprecedented is because it is not a statute and not black letter law, and it is just an advisory opinion. and so, it is too soon of course to tell whether or not this opinion will play a large part in the government's case, but i suspect that this is what they are hinging it on. >> sunny standby, because i have questions about plea discussions and versus ultimately going to trial and what could happen beyond that, and standby, because i want to bring joe johns on, and as you were explaining he has a team of five attorneys led by greg craig who represented president bill clinton during the impeachment trial, and he spoke today. what does he say? >> well, he basically made clear to the media that john edwards was going to e plead n g ting t which he did and by the way, i
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just found out from our people who stayed in the courtroom when i ran out to talk to you, that john edwards was released in his own recognizance and he didn't have to set bail and free to leave. >> and what was -- >> well, we are told that he is going to come out and make a brief statement. we are told that he would be with his older daughter kate, and that he would not take any questions which would certainly be customary. and, you know, i guess that there is always a couple of views on that for people who are doing media strategy for big high profile cases like this, and one of them is that you make sure that the person doesn't look afraid to step in front of the cameras, and there is always that hope that if in a situation like this that the defendant comes out and talks, there won't be so many people beating around in the bushes trying to get an interview at a later stage. >> well, joe johns, hold that thought for me, as we look at the live pictures as we are all
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waiting and hoping to hear and see senator john edwards. and we want to hear from his lead defense attorney. hold that thought. we will be right back. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. i want to take you back to live breaking news of john edwards out of winston-salem, nc state nshg, and this whole thing started in raleigh, north carolina, where a grand jury indicted him on six charges that he violated campaign finance
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laws in 2008 when he ran for president. we have joe johns in the thick of this scene outside of the court in winston-salem, north carolina, and also sunny hostin to talk about the legal aspect with us. and joe, back to you, and let's pick up to the lead defense attorney greg craig, and what did he say today? >> well, he came before the cameras briefly, and another one of the situations where he gave us a situation of what he is thinking about the case, so rather than sort of shorthand it for, you we listen to it, because we have the sound bite cued up for you. >> no one has ever been charged civilly or criminally with the claims that have been brought against senator edwards today. this is an unprecedented prosecution. much less, an unprecedented civil case. no one would have known or should have known or could have been expected to know that these payments would be treated or should be considered as campaign
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contributions, and there is no way that senator edwards knew that fact either. >> so, you know the knowledge thing is just what is so very important, the idea that you really can't commit a crime without having knowledge of committing it. so, i mean, basically the contention seems to be if you read between the lines that, look, there is no crime, so that there can be no conspiracy, because there was no knowledge. and that's going to be their argument and we will see how they refine it in the days and weeks to come. >> joe, stand by. again, a reminder to our views, we are staying on the live picture, because we are waiting and expecting to hear from john edwards, himself, because as joe said there is no bail set and the judge said that he is free to leave. but let me read a couple of conditions ash and this is interest, and sunny hostin, i want you to pay attention, because this is what i have from
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cnn's ray lynn johnson, he has been released on his own recognizance, but he has to stay away from one of the donors bunny mellon and sur rurender h passport. is that ak? >> well, it is a risk. and what is fascinating is that he cannot speak to bunny mellon and they are good friends and they believe she will be a witness. she is 100 years old, so i wonder if they will try to preserve her potential testimony, and depose her with audio tape and videotape so that her story can be told to a jury. 100-year-old witness, let's, you know, think about that, that is sort of a difficult witness to get to and from north carolina in and out of the courtroom. so those two conditions are
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very, very interesting here. they certainly don't want john edwards to speak to what it seems to be their star witness. >> all right. so you have the two donors here from which this money is stemming from. you have mrs. mellon 100 years of age tough to testify at that age, and fred barron who is no longer with us. so, how might those two donors of the information that at least we know that mellon might provide and help or hinder edwards' case? >> well, it is all about those donors, because the government has to prove they were in fact campaign contributions, and in order to prove that, they have to prove that the correct shuns were made, and that their personal expenses of course of rielle hunter, and they have to prove those contributions werer meant to keep the campaign alive and not just meant to keep it at secret from elizabeth edwards who we know was stricken with cancer at that time, and who has died since. so those are fact issues.
12:20 pm
if bunny mellon can get on the stand and say, well, no, john edwards didn't know anything about it, and that is the second element that joe johns said, they have to prove these were campaign contributions and were being paid, they have to have bunny mellon get on the stand and say, these were in fact contributions so that the campaign, the 2008 presidential campaign could be kept alive, but if she is on the witness stand and says, no, john edwards knew nothing about it, and in fact, they were personal expenses and meant so that elizabeth edwards would not find out about it, that is a very, very good thing for the defense. >> what about we know that the defense team and the federal prosecutors, they have held plea discussions so far, and obviously not reaching any kind of an agreement. i mean, at any moment now, they still could reach some kind of plea agreement, correct? and number two, do you think that ultimately this thing will
12:21 pm
go to trial? >> well, certainly they could reach a plea agreement and i have been speaking to a lot of my former prosecutor friends and contacts in the justice department who of course are not speaking much about this, but i think that the consensus is that given the fact that we are going into the election year, brooke, it is unlikely that a prosecutor and especially one from the integrity section of the office will send the message that it is okay to sort of do something like this and not get any jail time. that is probably what the sticking point here. john edwards would not want to lose his legal license and he is a very good lawyer, and good trial lawyer, and he would not want that. >> and excuse me, sunny hostin, because you see the cameras pointed at one time means one thing, john edwards is pointed to the microphone, and here he is. let's listen.
12:22 pm
>> there's no question that i have done wrong. i take full responsibility for having done wrong. i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i have caused to others, but i did not break the law, and i never, ever thought i was breaking the law. thank you all very much. >> wow. short and sweet. less than 20 seconds, and a statement and not taking questions, but first to you, joe johns at the scene there outside of the courtroom in winston-salem, north carolina. is that kate, his oldest daughter over his shoulder? >> yes, it was kate. yes, that was kate. yeah, absolutely. they kept it short and sweet and surprisingly, there are still people here in the north carolina media are. it would have been a lot rougher in new york city or somewhere, but now i don't know if you can
12:23 pm
see, but there is a scrum following him as he walks off to the street. >> we see it. we are watching. we are watching, and he said, there is no question that i have done wrong, but he says i did not break the law. and i never ever thought that i had broken the law. >> absolutely, yeah. >> go ahead, joe. >> well, i wanted to say that while we are watching him go out, and one of the points that i really don't think that we were able to get in that is kind of important is that it is about bunny mellon in the last week or two that he paid her a visit and there were a lot of concerns about that, and a lot of heartburn, i think over at the justice department even that what is this guy doing to go to sit down to have a conversation or tea or whatever it was, and apparently just a friendly meeting, and not the discuss the case. we heard officially, but you know, people are asking questions about that, and that may be why the prosecution went the extra step to ask the judge
12:24 pm
to impose that condition to stay away from bunny mellon. >> and he can only stay in the lower 48 and he had to surrender the passport, and there goes to car and just goes to show that he is being followed by choppers and people, and the scrum after the courthouse, and because it happen sod quickly, you might have missed it, but let's listen once again to john edwards. >> there is no question that i have done wrong. i take full responsibility. for having done wrong and i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i have caused to others. but i did not break the law. and i never ever thought i was breaking the law. thank you all very much. in creamy peanut butter,ipd making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible,
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if you can see that silver lining in the economic news, then congratulations because you are a capital o optimist. look at the chart with the blue nub at the end of the row. that is the job growth for the month of may. and anemic and 54,000 new job, and this is it. only one fourth as many new jobs as we saw in the previous month of april. so, you have lousy jobs numbers and the unemployment rate is rising a smidge to 9.1%, and consumer confidence jitters and
12:28 pm
to top it off the decline in the housing prices seems to know no end. alison kosik is on the floor of the new york stock exchange for us, and what do you know? >> well, the jobs number put the exclamation point on the fact that the economy is slowing down more. i want to talk with one trader joe greco with the meridian group, and what sets this up for us, joe? >> well, what everybody is concerned is a slowdown of the pace that we had which was a nice recovery pace is now maybe a halting of the recovery pace. i think that people are concerned that the economy is going to go in reverse and perhaps we will have a double-dip recession which is a big concern for not only traders, but everyone. there is a lot of uncertainty as to what is going to happen next year going into be next year with the presidential election and a lot of people in washington right now who are waivering to make a good decision in the best interest of the country. >> but this is the first sort of
12:29 pm
really bad jobs report compared to what we have had in the past couple of months where we have seen job additions of 200 to 250,000 per month, and does one bad report make a trend? >> no, it does not make a trend, but thii think that the concern here is a lot of talk and more than whispers and actual talk that the economy cannot sustain the pace, and that that we have been on a good strong recovery on the last three quarters is concerning. people are concerned that there can't be any more growth to revenues for company, and that stocks are going to start to dwindle and give back some of the nice returns for the last year and a half. >> joe greco, thank you very much, and brooke, that is why the dow is down over 100 points over this dire jobs report. back to you. >> thank you. president obama was in toledo, ohio, to salute the recovery of the big three automakers and to congratulate
12:30 pm
chrysler in particular for paying back the loan it got back from the government bailout. on the overall economy, the president said it needs more time to mend. >> even though the economy is growing and created more than 2 million jobs over the last 15 months, we still face some tough times, and we still face some challenges. you know, this economy took a big hit. you know, it is just like if you had a bad illness and you got hit by a truck, you know, it is going to take a while for you to mend. that is what has happened to the economy, it is taking a while to mend. >> president obama today refer to the week's worth of dour economic reports as quote, unquote a bump in the road. it sure does look like uncle sam has champagne taste and a beer salary just like your own household perhap, and we had huge bills to pay down, but the funds to cover them are stretched or borrowed. so moody's may decide to drop
12:31 pm
our country's sterling credit rating which leads me to the next guest, a republican congressman who knows just how pressure is on folks there in washington to come up with a solution to the debt issue before time runs out on that crucial, crucial rating. we will talk next. [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy. took some wild risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60 percent. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease
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[ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ well, this morning when we woke up here, we woke up to troubling news economically, and as did our own lawmakers. america's sterling credit rating
12:34 pm
may be in jeopardy, and you have a credit rating and i know i have a credit rating, and so does america. the u.s. government is considered top notch, aaa, because it always, always pays the bills at least up until now. but to keep paying the bills, we essentially now to open up a new line of credit something that congress would have to approve by raising what they call the debt limit, the debt ceiling. and the deadline now is set for august 2nd, and that is when the checks would start bouncing. how republicans are saying, folks, not going to do it. not going to raise the debt limit again until we first agree to stop spending so much. some folks thought they were bluffing, but here is what the credit rater moody's said yesterday. we fully expected political wrangling, but the political polarization has increased the odds of a short-lived default. so that will perhaps speed things up a bit. joining me is a republican from
12:35 pm
the great state of louisiana, and the congressman here is on the tax writing ways and meaning committee. congressman, thank you for coming on. let me go through a series of questions to wrap our heads around what happenis happening. if we lose our aaa rating, what happens then? >> well, it is a serious problem, and if we see a drowngrade in the rating, the problem is that we will see interest rates rise at a time when we have very sluggish job growth, high unemployment, very slow economic growth, and this is disastrous. but i will tell you this, serious economists as well as these bond rating agencies are saying that we have to get a handle on the debt. >> what is the interest rating that we are paying right now, congressman? >> well, the 10-year bond we are paying 3% on the ten-year treasury note which is a figure used by corporate debt and mortgage rates and all of these sorts of things.
12:36 pm
so we are right around 3% which is low, and historically low, but we have had flight of capital into the u.s. because of the situation in europe, but that could change with a downgrading in the rating. >> so, if moody's decides to lower the aaa rating, the borrowing cost would go up then? >> that is exactly right. >> and that would add to the debt. but do we know how much it would add? >> well, it depends upon what happens with these interest rates. last year we paid a total interest of $210 billion for the year of 2010. it is slated to go up even more and that is what these low interest rates, and that could go higher. it affects every single man, woman, and child in the country, because the debt if you break it down is about $45,000 for every man, woman, child in the country. we have to live within our means, and so any increase in the debt ceiling has to be coupled with a substantive plan, a credible plan to reduce the
12:37 pm
debt and our deficit spending. >> but you know, americans, we are all having a tough time sort of trying to live within our mean, and i'm curious about the message here. when it is okay not to pay the bills? is it okay for families not the pay the bills? >> well, families are expected to pay their bills. i have a young daughter who just got married and she and her husband are going to be expected to pay their bills, and the united states has to keep its credibility, and meet its responsibilities in a financial markets, and so forth, and so it is essential that we move forward with a credible plan to take care of this debt problem, and the deficit spending, because admiral mullen and general petraeus says this is the biggest threat to the national security and clearly the biggest threat to the economic security. >> but would the government be willing not to pay the bills? >> well, i think it is unacceptable to default on the debt. we have to come up with a plan. but we also have to understand
12:38 pm
the grave threat posed by our debt. this level of debt that i you outline and that is why we have to do both. we may have to raise the debt ceiling, but we have to couple it with substantive spending cuts and a credible plan going for ward to tackle the debt and deficit spending. >> we know that the treasury department treasurer tim geithner has given a prediction of a plan by august 2nd, and when do you think that we will have a plan? >> well, i know that speaker boehner has been working with the -- >> next month? >> well, it has to be done by august. >> early next month? >> i hope so. i hope in a few weeks we can get this done. but i don't know, because a lot of it depends on the negotiations, but it is critically important that we do this. this is congress' responsibility. keep in mind that the house passed a budget to get us moving in the right direction and the senate has failed to follow suit, and the administration has
12:39 pm
not come forward with a budget that has been scored by the congressional budget office. so we need the administration and the senate to work with us on this. let's put a budget together that gets us on a path to prosperity and on the path to fiscal responsibility. >> well, we will be watching for both of you to be working together so that you can compromise, and we will have to see what happens with with all of the cuts and the spending and the debt ceiling. congressman charles boustany out of louisiana, thank you for being with me. >> thank you, brooke. and now this -- >> casey, hold on, sweetheart. settle down, baby. >> nobody is letting me speak. you want me to talk, and give me three seconds to say something. >> okay. sweetheart. >> and it continues. the live pictures where you are seeing casey anthony inside of the courtroom. more tapes played of her talking to her own parents from inside of the jailhouse while everybody was out there searching for her little daughter. wait until you hear what casey anthony said about the
12:40 pm
possibility that caylee drowned. that is coming up.
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12:42 pm
all right. we have gone through this already and it has been a rough month for jobs for us in the united states. 54,000 jobs created in the month of may, and it is really about a third of what is expected so is there a recipe for job creation in the country? coming up is a fareed zakaria special about this inp nnovatin and what fareed says we need to create jobs, and so why is the u.s. falling behind? >> well, google says they see
12:43 pm
the intense focus on innovation in funding new industries. >> the fact of the matter is that other countries are putting more money in it than we are, and we won't win unless we do what they are doing. >> blwhen you travel to singapo and china, does it worry? >> well, south korea is a prime example, because who would have thought they would be the major iron and steel and shipbuilding resource in the world? 30 years ago in the organized way they decided those are the industries they will go after and build a fine product. so that the asian model works very, very well from the standpoint of productivity for the country, and innovation. we have to find a way to marry that with the cultural ideals and the democracy here in america. >> schmidt says that china has already started to challenge the u.s. as an innovator sooner than we might have imagined. >> the evidence is that the chinese companies are starting to do things innovative and much
12:44 pm
of the new networking ideas are coming out of a company that has a research campus as large as silicon valley in a far city in china. so it is perfectly possible that these people will begin to get into the spaces that america has historically dominated. >> and i want to remind you that you can watch that gps special called "restoring the american dream, how to innovate." watch it sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern and pacific right here on cnn. casey anthony says that her daughter drowned, but wait until you hear what it was that she said to her parents about that theory while her toddler was missing. that is up next. ttd# 1-800-345-0
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at the injection site. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat or sweating. ask your healthcare provider about novolog flexpen today. learn more about the different insulins available in flexpen at flexpen, insulin delivery that goes with you. more drama in the courtroom of the casey anthony murder trial. here is what happened today. jurors heard the woman charged with killing her own 2-year-old daugt appear to scoff at a scenario that her defense is now based on. at one point her mother talks about speculation in the media. i want you to hear this. >> we're not doing well, casey. none of us. lee has been sick. dad's, dad has blown up at the media. >> yeah, i heard. >> well, someone just said that
12:48 pm
caylee was dead this morning and she drowned at the pool, and that is the newest story out there. >> surprise surprise. >> back in 2008 when the jailhouse videos that you saw were taken, anthony claimed that her 2-year-old caylee had been kidnapped by a nanny who was never found. police say that there is no evidence that such a person ever existed. >> you are on the second level? can you lock the door? >> yes. he is going to come through right now. >> that was a whole other piece of sound. this is one of the more chilling 911 calls that some of us have heard in a while. you have a mother and son hiding out in the closet of the house, and they are hiding because of an intruder and the mother begins to negotiate with the man, and you will hear how it unfolded next. ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪
12:49 pm
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just about every day we hear about some kind of home invasion where the owner is not home and comes home to their place cleaned out. but to capture an actual conversation between a family and intruder on a 911 phone call is just about unheard of.
12:52 pm
take a look at this picture here. this is the intruder. 23-year-old benjamin david is accused of tearing through the middleton home while mother and son hunker down in a bedroom for safety. the mom, teresa, was already on the phone with the 911 operator who recorded this whole exchange. listen
12:53 pm
. >> how about that? police arrived 2 1/2 minutes after she called 911 and arrested him. middleton talked about the whole thing and gives this piece of advice. >> you never anticipate to have to call 911 to protect yourself. and unfortunately, i found myself in that situation. and without fail, the westminster police force was there for me. if there's anything to learn from this situation, i'd like the public to know, don't ever hesitate to call 911. and when you do call them, give them any and all information you can and don't ever hang up until the situation is over.
12:54 pm
>> heaven forbid that happen to any of us. he was charged with burglary, assault, and criminal mischief. more on our breaking news out of north carolina. john edwards indicted over this whole scandal involving his mistress. he just spoke to reporters. we're going to show you that video and tell you what happened inside the courtroom today. plus, congressman anthony weiner has just canceled an appearance tonight and all has to do with his personal life. wolf blitzer has the reason next. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ is teaching my patients how to start taking insulin. and i've learned a lot
12:55 pm
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12:57 pm
now with the latest news off the political ticker. why is anthony weiner canceling his appearance tonight? >> he says that he wants to spend some time, understandably so, with his wife. they have a lot of work to do, obviously. he'd rather spend time in new york with her, given all of the controversy that rerupted over this past week, and then go off and speak in wisconsin. i'm sure the democrats certainly appreciate what he's going through right now. other political news we're covering, brooke, includes our own cnn republican presidential debate a week from monday in new hampshire. we have a list of the finalists that are going to be up on the stage. mitt romney, newt gingrich, ron
12:58 pm
paul, michele bachmann, and herman cane. i think our viewers will want to see it. the first lady of the united states, michelle obama, has scheduled a trip to south africa. she's going to be going to johannesburg and then batswana. have you been there? >> no, it's on the top of my list. >> if you want to go on a safari, it's a great place. i was in capetown last year. i've been to johannesburg. also some fabulous sightseeing. she's going to spend five or six days in africa. she's going to take her mom and two girls. they will have a great time. we wish them a safe and very happy voyage. >> before i let you go, i want your two cents on this john
12:59 pm
edwards story. the media circus outside of this courtroom where he entered his plea, his not guilty plea, what did you make of the scene out there? >> it shows you how the mighty has fallen. it wasn't that long ago i moderated a presidential debate near the end of the campaign and there were three democrats left at the time. barack obama, hillary clinton, and john edwards. eventually he dropped out and endorsed hillary clinton. and even early on there was talk that john edwards, himself a lawyer, a former united states senator, vice presidential nominee back in 2 oh 004, he could emerge as the attorney general of the united states. now the justice department is going after him on these allegations of campaign finance irregularities. jeff toobin has described this to our viewers.
1:00 pm
it's by no means a slam dunk for federal prosecutors, but it does show the political mighty that have fallen and very, very quickly in a relatively short period of time. >> wolf blitzer, it's an excellent point. speaking of john edwards, watch this. >> john edwards is in serious trouble. he's been indicted on six counts over the scandal involving his mistress and the former presidential candidate has just appeared in court. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. any moment the big board numbers are going to settle into a terrible week for the economy. unemployment rises, home prices fall, and many americans are simply wondering, what's next? a country on edge. yemen's president is hurt after an attack on his palace. now fears grow over how he'll respond.
1:01 pm
casey anthony accuses her own father of sex abuse and covering up her daughter's death. today we're hearing their private and emotional jailhouse conversation. >> i have one question and i need to ask you and i know it's going to be a tough one. and clipping coupons online. there's a big battle for your bucks. groupon, living social, which one is best for you? welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. former senator and former presidential candidate, john edwards, spoke a short time ago. it was short and sweet after being indicted by a grand jury this morning. look. >> there's no question that i've done wrong and i take full responsibility for having done wrong. and i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i've caused but i did not
1:02 pm
break the law and i never, ever thought i was breaking the law. >> and edwards is facing six separate counts here. he's accused of conspiracy, making false statements, and violating finance campaign laws. all of this stems from his extramarital affair with campaign individual jog gra officer ree yel hunter. they claim he used political backers to make payments to his mistress. edwards has fathered a child with rielle. edwards' attorney says the money given to hunter was a gift, not a campaign donation. let's go straight to joe johns who is covering this for us from the beginning. he joins from winston where edwards spoke earlier this hour. joe, i know it's hot. i see you wiping the sweat off your forehead. i imagine it was pretty hot sitting in that courtroom. quite a circus there in winston
1:03 pm
today. >> reporter: yeah. i have to tell you the circus, just a lot of people -- >> now you can. >> reporter: is that better? i just moved it a little bit. i thought the circus was outside. inside, very calm, john edwards surrounded by his lawyers. five different attorneys, including greg craig who i talked about a minute ago, a really high powered lawyer. edwards wasn't expected to talk much and he didn't. it was greg craig who actually said in court that he had wards was entering a plea of not guilty. edwards was asked a series of questions. at one point he sounded just a little bit like annoyed almost with one of the questions and he told the judge, your honor, i
1:04 pm
understand, i'm an attorney. and then he went on to be asked a number of serious questions. you also talked with sunny hostin -- i'm getting bunny melon and sunny hostin mixed up. bunny melon was a contributor from virginia who gave hundreds and thousands of dollars to him. he was also told he had to stay away from bunny melon. and that is at least in small part because he had a meeting with her a couple of weeks ago and don't know what they talked about. but certainly it's been a concernation because she's one of the -- or presumably one of the key witnesses in this case. you saw him outside the courtroom and his demeanor. i thought that was interesting. it's very strange and i'll wrap up here to say, very strange but probably the last time i got a really good look at john edwards
1:05 pm
was the south carolina debate in 2008. not a hair out of place. today he looked exactly the same but it's so strange to see how men who could be one of the three people with barack obama and hillary clinton on the stage debating for president and now end up here in a courtroom charged with criminal violations for what he did during that campaign is one of the strangest sagas i've seen in politics, quite frankly. >> wolf and i were just talking about it. how the mighty have fallen. i want to get back to a point about the impact of the testimony from edwards' donor. now, 100 years of age, rachel bunny melon could have on this case. let's listen to what sunny said. >> they really have to have bunny melon get on the stand and say, these were in fact kobt
1:06 pm
contributions so his presidential campaign could be kept alive. if she gets on the witness stand and says, no, john edwards knows nothing about it, and they were personal expenses and meant so elizabeth edwards wouldn't find out about it, that would be a very, very good thing for the defense. >> one other point i want to make with you, joe, and then i'll let you off the hook. i know it's hot. let me talk to you about this. sunny made the point that he must be deemed somehow as a flight risk given these other conditions that the magistrate there in winston, salem, put forth on him. can you run down some of those for me, zoe. >> reporter: well, i think the main one is that they took his passport and told him he would not be allowed to leave the 48 lower continental united states. >> that's right. >> i have to tell you, though, the fact of the matter is that i've seen a number of cases where defendants and criminal cases, especially serious
1:07 pm
criminal cases, have had their passports confiscated and this obviously was one of the situations where the prosecution thought it was necessary to ask for that but the bottom line on whether he's a flight risk or not i would say was the fact that he was released on his own recognisance. if you're free to leave and they don't charge you with anything, people think this guy is part of the community and plans to remain here and isn't planning to go running off because of these charges. >> point taken, joe johns in winston, salem, north carolina. joe, thank you. quite a scene as he was leaving. appreciate it. and other news today, the man known as dr. death has died. dr. jack kevorkian spoke to cnn last year. that is coming up. also, your wallet. bad news on the economy front.
1:08 pm
and rising unemployment. the new numbers don't reflect graduates jumping out into the job market. alison, it's something we all need to hear.
1:09 pm
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1:11 pm
alison, tell me where we ended today and for the weekend. what is with the twitch cheeness? >> today the dow ending at 97 points down but for the week, you know what, it's going to wind up being the fifth week in a row and lower. the twitchiness is because of volume. it's very light and you see big swings in the major averages. there's a lot of uncertainty out there. we don't know where we're going for the economy. lots of different views on whether the economy is in fact headed for a double dip and that's where you get all of this twitchiness, this nervous
1:12 pm
trading, brooke. >> i guess like it's oscillating. you have anemic job figures. consumer confidence is waning, housing market going know where on the basis of all of that, this week could have been worse. tell me if there's a silver lining. maybe they are seeing something that we are not. >> yes. you know what, there was one big of a silver lining. it represents a huge part of the economy. 80% of it. it measures everything from hotels to restaurants to retailers and what happened is it moved higher. that's good news and the overall economy is still growing, even if it's at an anemic rate. nothing about the bad news that we've gotten on the economy. especially this jobs news. the graduates are not counted in this who are going to be looking for a job. there are not enough jobs to handle the millions of people
1:13 pm
out of work right now. all of those graduates we're going to have to face pounding the pavement looking for very scarce number of jobs. >> i was talking to a congressman about the debt sealing. there has to be a concern among folks that you deal with on wall street, some of the folks in washington might let the government run out of money and defau default. >> you know, you would be surprised but they are calling it a bunch of political theater. they think the politicians on capitol hill are going to get their act together and come up with a compromise in the final hour on the nation's debt problems. proof is that the market thinks that it's going to end up okay. moodys coming out and talking about a possible downgrade. the market didn't show much of a reaction to that. if the market was worried, brooke, you would have seen a
1:14 pm
major selloff. we saw that today with the jobs number. so go figure. >> go figure. alison, have a fantastic weekend. thank you. more news unfolding right now. you're about to see it. rapid fire. let's go. the deadly outbreak of e. coli in europe continues to spread. at least 18 people have now died. hundreds more have been infected. three people here in the united states have also been hospitalized with this deadly strain. all three of them have recently visited europe. infected cucumbers from spain were originally thought to be the source but yesterday authorities said that they have not yet pinpointed the source. folks in south dakota getting ready for flooding. people there sandbagging around their houses trying to make temporary levees. dan dams are not able to hold back the water.
1:15 pm
most reservoirs have been pushed to record levels. raymond clark was sentenced for murdering a girl at yale. her body was find behind the wall of the campus laboratory five days later on what would have been her wedding day. jack kevorkian has died. he earned the name "dr. death" starting back in 1990. there was a national debate over assisted suicide. he ultimately spent eight years in prison for helping people end their lives and our own dr. sanjay gupta spoke with kevorkian last year in what ended up being his final interview. >> for many people life's a gift. >> it's a gift? who gave it to you? >> is life a gift?
1:16 pm
>> who gives it to you? who gives you life? your parents. right. you weren't asked to be -- you know, chopra said it nicely. what crime has this child committed that it should be born? >> that's a profound -- it's a deeply pessimistic thing to hear. >> but it's very sensible. >> is there some virtue in simply being alive? >> no. >> i always said all my life, if i wasn't born and they gave me the question, i would say, i don't want to be born. >> wow. kevorkian had been in the hospital since last month suffering from pneumonia and kidney-related problem. he was 83 years old. personal items that belonged to unibomber ted kosinski. the u.s. auctioned off the
1:17 pm
personal items, like time writer, now they are going to suffer. money raised will help to compensate the victims. a century's old mystery may finally be solved. archaeologists have uncovered remains from a stone church more than 300 years old. the church was built back in 1677. >> it's a real detective story when all of the pieces come together. >> archaeologists estimate it was the oldest and largest church at the time. and do you remember this amazing airplane landing two years ago on the hudson river? all 155 people on board survived. well, that u.s. airways plane is getting a new home. final destination is the aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. it's been in a new jersey warehouse. it will have to travel on the
1:18 pm
back of a truck. it will arrive next friday just in time for a june 11th reception with many of the crew and passengers. this resolution puts the president on notice. >> could american involvement in libya come to a sudden halt? demanding answers from the president. they just voted on an operation and something strange happened there. also, we are just getting new information on the attack that has injured the president of yemen as the government and protesters battle in the streets. we'll get you a live report next. [ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine.
1:19 pm
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1:21 pm
now globe trekking to a developing situation out of yemen. the country's presidential palace comes under attack. several are injured and killed and as the country is closer to civil war. i want to go to yemen talk to me about who was injured and how serious of a blow was this attack? >> brooke, this was a shocking development, besides the president being injured, according to government officials, he sustained a light injury to his head. we also had several other top officials, including the prime minister and deputy prime minister. we don't know the level of injuries that they sustained. we're still trying to figure that out and people in yemen are
1:22 pm
being tight lipped but this was a very major development and it's increased worries as to how vulnerable the president and his security forces are. the fact that tribesmen were able to get this close and breach security and launch the presidential palace that is so heavily fortified as to how vulnerable the government is. just a short while ago, an audio message played on television purporting to be from him. all day long we were told that he was going to make on-camera remarks. in the end, it was an audio message. he sounded woozy. it's really adding to speculation in yemen as to the fact that the president, people are wondering if he's more injured than people are saying that he is. brooke? >> i want you to explain to me why people far, far away from you here in the united states
1:23 pm
should care about the well-being of the president of yemen. i mean, he is a good friend of the united states in terms of everything, in terms of counterterrorism measures. help us understand that. >> well, brooke, he's seen as a key u.s. ally in the battle against terrorism in this part of the world. just to tell you a little bit yemen, it's the hub for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it's the most threatening wing of al qaeda. that was at a time when there wasn't political stif going on. in the past four months there's been government and clash in the streets and violence. it's spreading throughout the country. now because there's so much
1:24 pm
turmoil, there is no post president plan. if president sala falls or is forced from office. this week alone we had islamic militants and there is concern that al qaeda taking advantage of the political turmoil and might be able to launch more attacks against the west and regional neighbors. >> which is why it's significant for you, the middle east. >> ratko mladic was combative with the judge and refused to enter a plea on charges that he ordered the massacre of thousands, thousands of muslims during the bosnian war. have a listen. >> translator: i would like to
1:25 pm
receive what you've read out just now, these obnoxious charges leveled against me. >> obnoxious, he says. mladic asked for more time to enter a plea and told the judge that he is gravely ill. he's due back in court next month. more than 200,000 muslims died in the civil war, including 8,000 muslim men and boys slaughtered back in 1995. it is a story that broke during this newscast yesterday. we told you about this man that goes on a shooting spree in arizona and police are now revealing what happened. it involves divorce. that is next. also, cnn has officially announced which republicans will be squaring off in the new hampshire debate and there are a couple of surprises. that's next.
1:26 pm
[ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this. any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day, and for longer trips, it can use gas. so get psyched. this is a big step up from the leafblower. chevrolet volt. the 2011 north american car of the year.
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1:28 pm
new developments in the air zone. shooting case. a 73-year-old man killed five people, four in yuma county, one in the city of yuma. another person was seriously injured and then a 73-year-old turned the gun on himself. among the victims, the fifth wife. she divorced him after complaining about domestic violence. her lawyer, gerald shelly, was also shot and killed. >> he ordered the secretary to the floor, he did shoot mr.
1:29 pm
shelly and then he left. >> the shooting spree sent yuma into a tailspin yesterday. police had to temporarily close schools and government buildings. today the town is still in a state of shock. and now let's go to cnn political producer, shannon travis with a little news from the political desk there in washington. what a pleasure getting you on my show today. >> hey there. >> talk to me about a date we need to be talking about. june 13th. >> brooke, whatever you are doing monday, june 13th, cancel it. we have announced today that it's the first, the very first new hampshire presidential debate. cnn-wmur are teaming up to host seven republican hopefuls. who are they? got them right here. michele bachmann is going to be on that stage.
1:30 pm
herman cane, newt gingrich, ron paul, tim pawlenty, mitt romney, and rick santorum. get this. romney and bachmann he our chief national correspondent will moderate. >> june 13th, 8:00 eastern. some of the faces we saw, they are at a conference where you are? >> that's right. it's the place to be if you're a conservative in this town. it's called the faith and freedom-run coalition. ralph is a power broker in christian evangelical circle but presidential hopefuls go there. some of the same people who will be at our debate are actually attending this conference. some of the names, bachmann is
1:31 pm
attending mitt romney, donald trump who we know is not running will be speaking as well. one person who has not declared a candidacy yet but is definitely looking and thinking about one is former utah governor jon huntsman. take a listen to what he said at the conference. >> we're not announcing. >> when are you requesting to announce? >> we hope very soon. we've discussed it over this last weekend as a family and we hope to know more about that in the next week or two. >> a lot of people are wondering when jon huntsman will formally announce a bid but that won't be enough time for our debate. >> shannon travis, thank you very much. hugo chavez known for ruffling a few feathers. he says iran is helping
1:32 pm
venezuela build missile launches and they are aimed straight at washington, new york, and miami. that is next.
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
hugo chavez makes a pretty stunning statement. also, congress wants president obama to explain what the u.s. is doing in libya and why. it passed a nonbinding resolution. time for reporter roulette. kate, the house passed a resolution demanding answers. what did it say and who specifically is behind this?
1:35 pm
>> reporter: house speaker john boehner brought this forward specifically. it demands for the president to make the case and justify the continued involvement for the u.s. in libya. agive information about costs and the nature of the mission in libya. really what is behind this is that there has been some pretty broad by partisan support. many lawmakers upset that the president has ignored the 60-day deadline. it passed in late may. so many lawmakers. >> in essence, it has no teeth so what's the point? >> reporter: right. exactly. it's a good question. it is not legislation. it is a resolution. it is nonbinding, as they like to call it. as you look at it from the
1:36 pm
public standpoint, this is a very strong bipartisan rebuke of the president. really challenging the president's war policy and the strongest statement coming from congress speaking out of his handling of u.s. involvement in libya. so while there isn't, shall we say, a lot of teeth behind it, maybe, it's a strong statement coming from not only the president's own democrats but also republicans as well. i should say that the white house has issued a response before the vote happened before calling these resolutions. >> hugo chavez and off the venezuela coast is just a harmless wind farm. rafael and super specific cities and have you translate and let's
1:37 pm
listen to the sound bite first. >> so you don't even have to speak spanish. he's not being serious. he's talking with a very straight face and says we have missile launchers here in venezuela and they are pointed towards washington, new york, and miami. and he's very serious and then at the end, he kind of smiles a little bit and says, by the way, this is a joke. it's really his way of
1:38 pm
criticizing a report that is in a newspaper saying that venezuela that is working closely with iran to buy and build missile launchers and he says in reality what the satellite must have been looking at was a wind energy farm that exists in venezuela but you think about that and yeah it is a joke but it's a very bad joke. venezuela is going through some tough times and this is probably part of the strategy to distract attention from a huge inflation, a problem with supply of food and many other issues and he takes every statement to speak against the united states. it's a joke, but a really bad
1:39 pm
joke. >> rafael, thank you very much. that's your reporter roulette for this friday. have you heard, it's a new way of clipping coupons. i bet you know groupon and living social offering discounts. they are competing against each other to bring you the best deal. what you need to know before opening your wallet. that's next. ask me. even if you think your mattress is just fine... ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night.
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groupon, living social, and facebook is getting in on the action and it's a one stop shop for deals. >> i'm racking in on it and couldn't be happier. >> recently laid off and unemployed, she post links that points viewers to the hottest deals of the day. but with all of the websites out there, which one is the best for you? and how does it work? the first is the most common, groupon style. you pay for it up front, redeem it, and the deal is yours. but they have a time limit. >> they turn from something sweet to something really sour if you forget to use it before the deadline. >> then there's a completely different deal out there and it's totally free. scout mom, a company that offers 50% off coupons through your smartphone in 12 cities across the country. >> so there was no upfront payment, they don't have to pull out the credit card the day they
1:44 pm
see the deal. basically, all of these deals are live on our app. if you have it, you download it and pull up this list of deals alive and running and users bring those in to the merchant. >> it takes them to the top but it will be a long climb. groupon and living social have a one-two grasp racking up a combined total of nearly $900 million in sales just last year. but for amy, every bit of competition helps. >> now, there are hawks tickets you can get, braves tickets. it's beneficial for me that don't have the income but want to be able to take their children to places like that. >> the battle rages on. you, the consumer are the winner. >> so i just have to say, our show's newest associate producer, craig shultz wrote
1:45 pm
that piece. we love him and that he's on the show. he's somewhere in the building with his family. craig, nice job. by the way, learn more about web deals and the companies behind them. go to coming up, the woman who grew up really in captivity, 18 years of rape and abuse is speaking out about her nightmare experience. you're going to want to hear what jayce. dugard says about the day she was kidnapped and about the couple who took her. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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before you talk to wolf blitzer, a mother dials 911 as thieves break into her family's home. the whole conversation she has with the intruder, caught on tape. take a look at this man. he is 23 years old and is accused of tearing through this home as the mother and teenage son hunker down in a bedroom closet for safety. the mother was on the phone with 911 who then recorded this odd exchange. listen.
1:49 pm
>> police arrived two and a half minutes after she made that 911 call. is he now charged with burglary, assault, and criminal mischief. and in just about ten minutes here, you're going to be
1:50 pm
watching "the situation room" with my pal, wolf blitzer. i know this is when i'm supposed to talk to you about what is coming up on the show. if i can, excellent job to you and the crew for the quick hustle earlier in the week for pulling off "the situation room" on the dot at 5:00 despite the power outage. nice job. >> you were on stand by if we lost power here in this part of washington, d.c. we had no power, the auxilliary did not work. we ran out in the streets and got on the air right at 5:00. but you were standing by. if i wouldn't have gotten through that satellite up on the air, you would have been in the situation. >> i had your back, mr. blitzer. >> you sure did and i deeply appreciate that. >> what do you have coming up? >> us a sin goolsbee. what happened? only 54,000 jobs created last month. unemployment goes up to 9.8%. it's supposed to go in the other
1:51 pm
direction. and what is the president of the united states going to try to do to help turn things around? a major interview with austan goolsbee on issue number one, which happens to be the economy and jobs. >> wolf, we look forward to it. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and now this -- >> i have one question and i need to ask you and i know it's going to be a tough one. >> more tapes are playing of casey anthony talking to her own parents from inside jailhouse. wait until you hear what casey anthony said when her parents asked about the possibility that little caylee had drowned. sunny hostin is all over this case. she's going to join me next. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too? discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly,
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and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. back to florida in the casey anthony trial. more recorded conversations between casey and her parents george and cindy. sunny is on the case for me. there's a point in the video where casey anthony's mother suggests that maybe caylee accidently drowned in the pool, which oddly enough, that as we know is the bombshell several mondays ago, that's part of the defense. let's listen to the exchange and talk on the other side. >> i'm not doing well. none of us. lee's been sick. dad's blown up at the media. >> yeah, i heard. >> well, someone just said that
1:55 pm
caylee was dead this morning, that she drowned in the pool. that's the new story out there. >> surprise, surprise. >> sunny hostin, what is your reaction to that and how would that affect the defense? >> well, my reaction is two-fold. i think it can be read in two ways. one way could be, well, the surprise, surprise, is a secret message to her father because, in fact, caylee did drown in the family pool. the other way it could be read is that this is when she comes up with the defense theory that she didn't kill caylee, she didn't suffocate her but she did in fact drown in the pool. i think it can be read in two ways that the jury has heard so many lies from casey anthony. i think it may be difficult for them to distinct wish between that.
1:56 pm
and helpful to the defense. >> there's another exchange. casey gets angry about what is happening to her. and you're watching this. did it come across that she wasn't concerned for what might have happened to little caylee? >> it really did. it was all about casey so i think that's going to be very, very important for this prosecution. they have to paint her out to be the sociopath that is only interested in self preservation, that didn't care about caylee anthony because remember, brooke, she's accused of killing a 2 1/2-year-old defenseless little girl and if that is true, they really have to make her out to be the sociopath that only cares about herself and could possibly be a monster, capable of committing this type of crime. >> sunny, some of the folks around our editorial meeting were telling us that there are people totally unrelated to this trial, from the public, who can actually come into the courtroom and observe and apparently this is like a highly sought after
1:57 pm
ticket? here are some of the people trying to get in. >> that's right. isn't it unbelievable? there are 48 to 50 seats opened to the public every day. they are allowed to stand across and wait from the courthouse and when they are told that they can come in to try to get one of these seats, this is what happens, brooke. they run, run like they are in a race for a million dollars trying to get one of those almost golden tickets. it really has been shocking to me, the interest that this case has garnered. not only here but worldwide. my facebook page, i get just hundreds of messages from people, hundreds of e-mails just about the casey anthony case. this has captured not only the united states but i think the world. so really, really just fascinating. people want to be part of it. they want to sit in the courtroom and they want to see casey anthony. >> i just can't get over that video of people running, running to take part and observe this
1:58 pm
trial. what about -- before we talk about jaycee dugard, what has cindy and george's reaction been thus far in the courtroom? >> well, the judge told them that they could sit in the courtroom but warned them that they were to show no emotion. so we aren't seeing a lot of emotion from them. we're seeing them sometimes flush, red, but most often they are just sitting there. they are listening to the testimony. sometimes george anthony is clutching a bible. sometimes cindy anthony is furiously taking notes. but we are not seeing much reaction from them because as family of the victim, of caylee anthony, they are allowed, under the law, to sit there in the courtroom and they have been there every single day. jayyee dugard who was held in the backyard, the man and women who held dugard were
1:59 pm
sentenced yesterday. was jaycee at the sentencing and what has she had to say? >> she was not at the sentencing. however she wrote a letter to the ga read does. she said she wasn't going to waste one more minute of her life on them. she described how horrible and horrific this was for her. the 18 years of her life stolen from her. so it was really, really heart wrenching rendition of how she felt about the garridos. but i think certainly justice has been done. let's face it, phillip gariddo with 431 years. >> he was the one that sexually assaulted her repeatedly. she says weekly. the father of her two children. i think


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